Favourite Live Dealer Games For Aussie Online Players

Live dealer games are online but played via a live feed with live, human dealers. Those dealers are on the player’s computer or mobile screen and deal the game as they would in a casino. The big difference (and benefit) is that players don’t have to get dressed and make their way to a casino; rather, he or she can sit at home and play online. It has the look and feel of a casino without the hassle.

The name itself has taken awhile to catch on. Live dealer games at online casinos. Is it live or online?

The games have been quick to gain popularity in online casinos. Aussie players love their pokies, but live dealer games are available on Kahuna Casino, Joe Fortune, and Ignition Casino.

The range of game variations are wide, but there are some common games that are the most popular and a must-have on any live dealer casino. Those options include blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette.

  1. Basic Blackjack

For live dealer game beginners, blackjack is often the simplest and most comfortable game.

The basics are easy. The player receives two cards, as does the dealer. The player needs to get as close to a total of 21 with their cards as possible, which sometimes involves a hit (taking another card from the deck). When the hand is comfortably close to 21, the player stays.

The dealer, on the other hand, must hit on some hands and stay on others. The rules will dictate if the dealer has to hit on a 16, but they must obey the game rules.

The highest hand, without exceeding 21, wins.

There is some strategy that dictates when to hit or stay (or even double or split) based on what the hand adds up to and the single card that the dealer shows. This is how players improve their odds of winning.

  1. Basic Roulette

Roulette is also a great game for beginners, and it is more fun with a live dealer than an automatic video slot. A live dealer spins the wheel, the one that has become famous through live casino play over centuries, and pays out any winners.

Players can play a simple game, such as putting a bet on a single number of choosing red or black, odd or even. But as they get more comfortable, they can place a wide variety of bets, including small bets on many numbers or bets on the lines between numbers.

Live dealer roulette games provide interaction between the player and dealer, and it is easily one of the top reasons that live dealer games have become so popular.

  1. Basic Baccarat

Baccarat is a little more complicated than other table games, but playing with a live dealer makes it easier to learn.

The dealer puts out two cards for the player and two for the banker, all face-up on the table. The player bets on a hand, and the one closest to a total of nine points wins.

The valuation of the cards is the most difficult thing to learn. Two cards that add up to a value greater than nine drop the first digit of that number. For example, if the two cards add up to 15, the one is dropped and the value is five.

There are a few more rules for specific situations, and the dealer will explain as the game goes along.

  1. Poker

With so many variations of poker, it can be intimidating, but most live dealer games offer a basic version of hold’em. This is the most commonly played game.

Players receive two down-cards, and they are able to bet or fold against the dealer’s face-down hand. The flop brings three community cards for both players to use in completing a superior five-card hand. It is another opportunity to bet or fold. The turn card is the fourth card on the table, and the river is the fifth, both providing more opportunities to bet or fold. The best five-card hand wins the pot.

Of course, there are three-card and four-card poker variations and other specialties in live dealer casinos, but it is best to start simple with a live dealer before moving on to unique titles.

Choose Wisely

For a first-time live casino player, it is best to choose a familiar game and a simple variation to start. Get the feeling of playing with the dealer, find out what is and is not allowed, and get used to the pace. It is all different from regular online table games.

But be warned: Once players go to live dealer table games, they almost always come back!

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