Lucky Tickets And Lucky Store Produce Unique Aussie Lotto Wins

Some people say that luck has nothing to do with successes, that everything happens as it should. But sometimes, luck has everything to do with it. That certainly was the case for a recent Oz Lotto winner.

Considering the odds in most lotto draws, anything that happens in sequence or as a pattern can be chalked up to a crazy run of luck. Case in point, the most recent cases of lottery luck happened within weeks of each other. The first happened in Victoria by a St. Albans resident, and the second just outside Adelaide.

Sir, You Won Two Multi-Million-Dollar Jackpots

The Oz Lotto prize was approximately $70 million. Everyone was anxiously checking their division-one tickets to see if they won a piece of that prize.

A St. Albans resident left work on that day with his lottery ticket in hand. He checked the numbers online, as he did for so many years before, and he believed he won $23.3 million. A phone call shortly thereafter from a Lott official verified that he won.

“Am I seeing things?” he responded. “I’m speechless. I can’t believe it.”

That surprise soon doubled. As he spoke to the Lott official, he realized what the person was telling him on the phone. He actually possessed two of the winning tickets. That totalled $46.6 million.

How was that possible?

The man played the same numbers every single time and had done so for 30 years. That particular time that he purchased tickets, he mistakenly bought two of the same one.

Overjoyed, the man said he was going to share the winnings with his family, consider an early retirement and possibly a new home.

For anyone who believes the story is more than luck, they are welcome to play the same numbers in the future. They were 12, 28, 24, 29, 9, 18, and 25, with supplementary numbers listed as 13 and 31. But they may only be lucky for the man who won twice in one draw after 30 years of trying.

One Retailer Likely to Pick Up More Lotto Business

A lotto shop in South Australia, located in Virginia, which is a rural area outside of Adelaide, was the place to be during the first week of April.

Rose Pogas is the owner of the Virginia Lotteries kiosk at the Virginia Shopping Centre. She had been selling lottery tickets but never a winner…until last week. She sold two.

On April 1, the kiosk sold a Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot winner, for which the top prize was $200,000. And the second was sold the following day – the same lottery jackpot for the same amount.

A Lott spokesperson contacted Pogas, and she was stunned. “Are you serious?!” And when she began telling friends about the Monday winning ticket sale, everyone thought she was telling an April Fool’s joke. But when she then told them about the second one, they began to believe her.

For now, however, Pogas celebrates alone, as the winners did not come forward in the first few days. The Lott is continuing to look for the winners and urging customers to check their tickets. Meanwhile, Pogas will receive a commission for the sales of the two winning tickets.

“I had customers asking, ‘What are the odds of you selling another one?’” Pogas told the press. “I don’t know what the odds are, but I’m going to be telling them I’ve done it.”

For Lotto players who believe in luck and feel that the Virginia Lotteries kiosk may have more good luck to sell, they can find their tickets waiting to be purchased at the Virginia Shopping Centre. And for those who want to take a chance, a trip to South Australia may be in the cards – or the numbers.

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