Online Casinos Popularity Soars During Covid-19 In Australia

How Covid-19 is Affecting the Casino Industry

According to the Australian Gambling Statistics, Aussie’s are some of the top casino goers and spenders in the world. Over 4 billion dollars in revenue is generated each year from the casino industry in Australia. Coronavirus has made an estimated -5% worldwide financial impact on the casino industry.

At the industry’s estimated 500-billion-dollar value, this is not an insignificant deficit. With coronavirus affecting every part of the world, Australia has seen a huge impact on the casino industry.

Did Australian Casinos Re-Open Too Fast?

At the beginning of March, Australia saw a sharp rise in COVID-19. This prompted an announcement of restrictions and closures within many states and territories. Case numbers were trending downwards until a record spike in mid-July. The state of New South Wales was negatively impacted by this spike. It made an announcement, the second week of July, regarding the closures or limitations of 19 casino venues, due to coronavirus outbreaks. One of these affected venues is the Star Casino.

Star Casino announced, July 24, that they will be taking extra health precautions. They will only be allowing their highest value patrons into their casino, a reduction from 5000 players to 300 players. While these new regulations restrict numbers, it also restricts the players who are allowed to enter and excludes those who do not have VIP status.

New Restrictions for Australian Casinos

The reaction to the new spike in numbers seems to vary between each state and territory. While some establishments say they will reopen, some have announced that they will remain closed for the time being.

Some restrictions include;

  • Physical distancing within the casino, 6ft minimum.
  • Limited capacity of casino patrons allowed within certain areas.
  • The restriction of the number of players allowed at gaming tables.
  • Wearing masks & gloves.
  • Plexiglass dividers.
  • Sanitization after machine use.

Currently, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria (excluding Melbourne), New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, the Northern casinos and ACT are able to open their casino’s but must adhere to the social distancing rules.

The Increase of Online Casino Popularity During COVID-19

The numbers predicting online casino growth are set to increase over 13%, this year alone. This is great news for Aussie players who still want to play casino games, but don’t necessarily want to venture outside. While it’s great that land-based casinos are still serving their clients, the option to play at online casinos always exists. With new health protocol and travel restrictions, many of the joys of going to a land-based casino have largely disappeared, at least for the time being.

Benefits of Online Casinos

Check out these online casinos we recommend. There are a considerable amount of benefits that come with online casinos when comparing them to their land-based counterparts.

Key Benefits

1. Virus Free Casino Playing: With many Aussie gamblers over the age of 45, health risks are an important factor to consider before venturing out to a land-based casino. You can participate in the activity you enjoy without the fear of coming in contact with a potentially fatal virus.

2. Convenience: You are able to play anytime and anywhere without considering transportation, parking, rides home or time to get there. There is no waiting time, as you won’t be stuck in lines to get into the casino. You don’t have to wait for someone to finish a machine or turn at the roulette table either. Instead of being an onlooker, you can play online right away instead.

3. Play in Comfort: No shoes, no worries! You don’t need to wear shoes when you are playing at home or the comfort of your mobile home. You can wear whatever you want while playing, and no one is there to judge your appearance! Want to play at your favourite online casino in your pyjamas? Go ahead!

4. Variety of Games: Try every game – your options are endless! At an online casino, you have the ability to try every and any type of game that you want. In a land-based casino, you may have anxiety about playing a new game because you aren’t an expert. At an online casino, you don’t have to worry about that. You can try games out and if they don’t work for you, no problem! There is no anxiety about not being the best player or pressure from other people.

5. Monitor Your Consumption: You can time yourself and monitor your gameplay. At land-based casinos, it is easy to lose track of time, whether that’s your intention or not. Online casinos make it really easy for you to be able to monitor your gameplay well at home or on-the-go. You can set timers, or keep a clock nearby so that you can make sure that you can keep track of the time you’re playing. This keeps you accountable for your time and keeps your wallet happy.

6. Bonuses: Online casinos offer the great benefit of bonuses that land-based casinos don’t offer. There are a variety of bonuses, the most popular being a welcome bonus for new players. Where you get a cash reward for becoming a member. Casinos, like, King Johnnie have an excellent array of bonuses. Click to learn more about casino bonuses.

What are we predicting?

With online casinos satisfying the need of Aussie gamblers we don’t see them disappearing anytime soon. In fact, we only predict that their popularity will increase. With the uncertainty of the virus’s longevity, a lot of people will be choosing a safer alternative and online casinos fit that need. The comfort of playing online, without the anxiety of preparing yourself to go to a land-based casino is very appealing to many.

We picture that online casinos are likely going to increase their variety of promotions and bonuses to accommodate new and existing players. We’ve noticed an increased interest in having a more social aspect while playing casino games online. We believe that online casinos are going to appeal to players by offering enticing welcome bonuses, engaging games, and social playing options.

At any rate, online casinos offer the fun and relaxing casino experience, without all the worry of visiting a land-based casino during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Australian Casino Update: August 17, 2020

New restrictions on public venues were announced in Australia. A 6-week mandatory, stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, is in effect from August 2nd until September 13th. This lockdown requires all non-essential businesses to close. This will affect a variety of businesses including restaurants, pubs, clubs and casinos.

Victoria has hit an all-time high in cases on August 5th, totalling 725 cases, where other areas of the country experienced less than 15 cases a month.

Visiting Casinos in Australia During COVID-19 Restrictions

What does this mean if you want to visit a pub or casino?

This means that casino and pokie players must follow health protocols while visiting pubs and casinos. Depending on the region players could have their in-person playing options restricted.

  • In Melbourne, casinos, pubs and clubs have closed. In other areas of Victoria and other regions of Australia, there are new restrictions.
  • Places of business that can hold large numbers of people, at the most, 300 patrons at one time. Casino Canberra reponed and will operate under new capacity restrictions and health protocols.
  • As of Thursday, August 13, SkyCity Adelaide reopens to Premier Rewards Members.
  • There have been fines for establishments that are not following health and safety COVID-19 procedures.

Where Can I Play Casino Games Online in Australia?

Online casinos are still available to Australians. They hold all your favourite games ranging from online pokies to table games and much more. Check some of our most popular and recommend websites.

Casino Aus Staff

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