Survey Suggests Aussies Want Gambling Sponsorship Ban

Which problem seems more important to you, climate change or gambling? Most reasonable people would agree that climate change is an important matter and perhaps the most critical issue of our time. However, it appears that Aussies are more worried about gambling sponsorships than climate change.

According to a recent report from Resolve Strategic, approximately 62% of Aussies support a ban on gambling sponsorships in sports. The same reports revealed that only 27% of Aussies support a ban on fossil fuel companies supporting sports teams.

Report Shows that Citizens Want Ban on Gambling Sponsorships

Resolve Strategic recently published a study into the views of Aussie citizens about sport team sponsorships. The study examined various groups and their sponsorships of teams, and the results were quite eye-opening.

As expected, approximately 62% of those surveyed stated they opposed gambling companies sponsoring sports teams. Various online casinos and gaming companies have sponsored teams in the past, with bwin among one of the most prominent.

Gambling has been at the forefront over the last year, largely thanks to various investigations into casinos. These investigations have revealed a pattern of money laundering and negative behavior. Furthermore, Australia has the largest per-capital losses for gambling. For example, in 2018-2019, Aussie citizens lost around $25bn in gambling.

Pokies continue to be the most popular form of gambling amongst Aussies. Citizens lost approximately $7.24bn in pokie machines in 2021. Furthermore, the pandemic saw many Aussies move online to gamble, with overall gambling losses jumping up 80% from 2019 to 2021.

Problem gambling numbers are also quite alarming in Australia, with one in six having a gambling addiction. These factors, coupled with public outcry from many lawmakers, have citizens staunchly against gambling companies. With Aussies being conscious about the types of public sponsorships, one would assume that the public would be more environmentally conscious. However, the numbers don’t quite seem to support that assumption.

Only 27% of Citizens Support Sponsorship Ban from Fossil Fuel Companies

In a surprising stat from the survey, only around 27% of those surveyed are in favor of a sponsorship ban from fossil fuel companies. These are companies that produce or use coal, gas, and oil. Furthermore, over half of those surveyed believe that fossil fuel companies should be allowed to sponsor sports teams.

This stance is a bit surprising considering that Australia is one region hardest hit by climate change. The nation has experienced extreme weather for the last few years, ranging from floods to extreme heat, and there does not appear to be any real relief in sight.

The government is working on legislation to combat climate change. The Climate Change Bill 2022 would reduce greenhouse gasses by 43% by 2030. The bill has a goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Australia struggles with renewable energy production. The country currently has less than 19% of its energy produced from renewable sources.
Prime Example of Media Focusing on Wrong Problems

Looking at this recent survey, one would think Australians care little for the environment, and some have spun this report in that direction. However, it is much more likely that many citizens are not entirely aware of the correlation between fossil fuels and their environmental impact.

If the media put as much time and attention on the climate crisis as they have reported about bad actors in the gambling industry, we would likely see a very different set of numbers. If anything, the survey from Resolve Strategic should highlight the importance of educating the general public about climate issues and less about gambling sponsorships.

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