Sun And Stars Highlight 2021 Wazdan Online Slot Releases

Since Wazdan launched in 2010, the online slot games developer has grown in size, scope, and technological capabilities. Since its 10th anniversary, the company has been releasing games at a quicker pace. And the games have become more adventurous, with new themes and brighter colors, and even new features like the proprietary Hold the Jackpot mechanic.

Several new games are tapped for release in the coming weeks and months, including Midnight in Tokyo, Prosperity Pearls, and Fortune Reels. As players await those titles, let’s take a look at the five most recent releases in 2021 from Wazdan.

Unicorn Reels: January 2021

Unicorns automatically trigger thoughts of fantasies and dreams, of imaging the unimaginable. In the enchanted forest of Unicorn Reels, players see the incredible artistry of the developers. And creativity leads to action and payouts.

  • 5 reels, 3 rows
  • 10 paylines
  • 14% RTP
  • 1,000x max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $100 max bet
  • Low, medium, or high volatility

This is a more traditional slot game as far as symbols and payouts. The Wild can substitute for any symbol but the Scatter and offers the highest payout of 100x the bet. The yellow horseshoe is the next highest-paying symbol, followed by the green and then the pink/purple horseshoes.

Scatters contribute to solid payouts and need not be on a payline to show a win, but they do not lead to any free spins in this game.

The most sought-after symbol, however, is the unicorn. Five unicorns on the grid triggers the Unicorn Jackpot Game. The unicorn symbols stick to their places, as the grid opens to a 5×5 screen. Play then starts with three respins, though each time a new symbol appears, that respin counter goes back to three. When no new unicorns appear and respins are exhausted, the bonus round is over. But that’s when the payout calculation begins.

The lowest possible payout is for the five original unicorn symbols, and that equals 10x the original bet. That increases with unicorns, though, to 20x for 10 total unicorns, 120x for 16 unicorns, and 540x for 24 unicorns.

There are also three jackpot possibilities for hitting certain unicorn milestones:

  • Minor: 15 unicorns for 100x jackpot
  • Major: 20 unicorns for 200x jackpot
  • Grand: 25 unicorns for 1000x jackpot

Gem Splitter: February 2021

Online slot game developers, as well as those in the live slot machine realm, have been trying to find ways to take regular gems – diamonds, rubies, etc. – and give them new life. Wazdan did just that with Gem Splitter. They used multiways payouts and the relatively new Symbol Splitter feature to provide more action than traditional gems are accustomed to.

  • 5 reels, 3 rows
  • 243-59,049 ways to win
  • 27% RTP
  • 9,000x max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $100 max bet
  • Low, medium, or high volatility

The highest-paying symbol in Gem Splitter is the red ruby at 100x the bet for 15 on a payline, followed by the green emerald. The yellow and blue gems also have reasonable payouts. Payouts happen for anything from 3-15 symbols on a payline.

In this game, the Splitter is the most obvious feature. It happens on every spin, with one randomly-selected gem splitting into one of five different combinations. The combinations that create one gem on top of another increase the number of paylines available, and the ones to the left or right of each other increase the payouts.

At least three Scatter symbols activate 10 free spins. During that bonus round, if a symbol shows the +3FS, it means the player receives an additional three free spins. Another unique feature of the bonus round is that the Splitter operates by splitting a symbol on every spin into four, which is the maximum way to increase paylines and payouts.

Clover Lady: February 2021

Even though the Clover Lady has no name, she is the star of this game. She lives in the woods with her wolf, and only they can guide players through the enchanted forest. Combine somewhat traditional features with Wazdan’s Hold the Jackpot mechanic, and Clover Lady becomes an exciting adventure.

  • 6 reels, 3 rows
  • 10 paylines
  • 21% RTP
  • 3,500x max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $100 max bet
  • Low, medium, or high volatility

The best symbol to see on the board is the Direwolf, who incidentally sits to the right of the grid, looking friendly and watching the action. When his howling symbol appears on the grid with a spin, it multiplies any win by 1.5x. Each additional one on the same spin adds another .5x to the multiplier.

The Wild is the clover, which can substitute for anything except the Bonus and wolf, andit pays as much as 100x for six on a payline. The red, sparkling strawberry is the next best symbol, followed by the blue plum.

The Clover Lady herself is the Bonus symbol, and three of those on a spin activates the Clover Jackpot Bonus. This makes all Bonus and wolf symbols sticky, and they stay in place for the rest of the bonus round. Bonus symbols may appear anywhere but then move to the middle row, and wolf symbols appear only on the top and bottom rows.

The bonus game begins with three respins, but anytime a new Bonus or wolf appears and sticks, the spinner resets to three. When those are complete and no new symbols appear, the bonus is over. The wolves pay as previously explained for the ultimate multiplier, with a maximum of 7x. And filling the board with six Bonus symbols and 12 wolves ensures the game’s maximum payout of 3,500x the bet.

The four jackpots shown at the top of the screen during all gameplay as a teaser for jackpots available during the Clover Jackpot Bonus round. They equal:

  • Mini: 3 bonus symbols = 10x the bet
  • Minor: 4 bonus symbols = 25x the bet
  • Major: 5 bonus symbols = 50x the bet
  • Grand: 6 bonus symbols = 500x the bet

Burning Stars 3: March 2021

The third iteration of Burning Stars is better than ever. Wazdan took the popularity of the original game and has continued to improve on it. In this case, it actually helped to simplify the game but add the wildly popular Hold the Jackpot feature.

  • 3 reels, 3 rows
  • Unlisted paylines
  • 12% RTP
  • 2,187x max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $100 max bet
  • Low, medium, or high volatility

The Wild symbol substitutes for all others except the Bonus, as is expected. There are only a few symbols in the game, considering the grid is 3×3, and the highest paying is the red seven, which pays 200x the bet. The watermelon pays 50x, and the plum reduces it to 15x for nine symbols. The kicker for Burning Stars 3 is that symbols need not be on a particular payline, but there must be at least four on the board to constitute a win.

The Hold the Jackpot feature works as in the previous game. The difference is that the Bonus symbol in this game is the blazing globe of fire in the sky. When three of them appear on a spin, Hold the Jackpot begins with those Bonus symbols held in place. Players start with three respins and resets to three with every spin that produces a new symbol.

Three Bonus globes garner a simple 3x payout, but it increases quickly to 27x for five of them. The jackpots then kick in:

  • Mini: 6 symbols = 81x the bet
  • Minor: 7 symbols = 243x the bet
  • Major: 8 symbols = 729x the bet
  • Grand: 9 symbols = 2,187x the bet

Sun of Fortune: April 2021

Carrying over the brilliant, bright colors from Burning Stars 3, Sun of Fortune is filled with oranges and reds, fires and dragons, all playing out on a beautifully-decorated red background. The Asian-inspired game takes a simple 4×4 grid and dresses up every symbol. With that said, the Hold the Jackpot feature is the primary attraction.

  • 4 reels, 4 rows
  • Unlisted paylines
  • 15% RTP
  • 1,450x max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $100 max bet
  • Low, medium, or high volatility

Sun of Fortune is similar to the previous game in the way it pays as well. There are no official paylines, but when at least 8 of a particular symbol show up after a spin, they can be anywhere on the grid to pay. The gold dragon is the most lucrative one at 200x for the entire 16-square grid. The next on the list of payouts is the golden bird, then the golden lion and fish. The Wild substitutes for everything but the Bonus symbols.

The Hold the Jackpot feature is triggered by the blazing suns. Six of them trigger the bonus round, but simply hitting three, four, or five of them triggers a free respin with those suns holding for more. It is a second chance to hit the Jackpot feature.

Again, the player begins with three respins, as each new symbol sticks. That resets the respin counter to three, and this continues until the board is full or three continuous spins produce no new symbols.

Each symbol offers a dollar amount that is equal to 1x-10x, 12x, or 15x the bet. The suns can also display mini, minor, or major jackpots. And if all 16 symbols hit, the player wins the grand jackpot. They pay as:

  • Mini jackpot: 20x the bet
  • Minor jackpot: 50x the bet
  • Major jackpot: 150x the bet
  • Grand jackpot: 1,000x the bet

Where to Play Wazdan Games

All Wazdan games allow players to set their own volatility levels. Low increases the chance that players will hit more wins but lower wins, and high lessens the wins but increases their value. Medium is somewhere in between.

Players can also hit the shopping cart button on any game to purchase the Hold the Jackpot Bonus. This is expensive, though, as it costs 70x the bet. The hope is to recoup that cost with the bonus, but it is a risky bet.

The best way to familiarize with Wazdan games is to visit the Wazdan website’s games page. Simply click on any game to see the technical details or play the demo version. It allows players to experiment with all of the features and the volatility levels to see what works best before playing for real money.

When ready for that real-money casino action, click on through for our bonuses below.



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