Set For Life Saves Man Out of Work Due to Coronavirus

Life has become more difficult for Australians in the past month. The coronavirus pandemic prompted the Australian government to close a great many businesses, which meant that many of those workers were stood down.

The casino industry is one sector of the economy, but it is a snapshot into the overall state of business in Australia in the latter part of March and into April. And as of last week, the numbers from two casino giants put it into perspective. Crown Resorts and The Star Entertainment Group, together, stood down approximately 20,000 people. That was approximately 90% to 95% of their employees.

While the numbers are staggering, each one of them has a face, a name, and a story. And their job layoffs or losses impact everyone around them.

Young Adelaide Dad

In South Australia, there was a man – a young husband and father – who bought the occasional lottery ticket in the hopes of hitting it big for his small family. Meanwhile, he worked his regular job to make ends meet for his wife and baby.

The young man in his 20s, who wishes to remain anonymous, lost his job recently because of the COVID-19 shutdowns. He had wondered how their family would get by if the stay-home orders were extended much longer.

On Sunday, April 12, before the man went to sleep, he checked his online account with The Lott to see if he won anything with his latest online lottery ticket purchase. Perhaps a few dollars? Anything would help.

His Set for Life numbers were 43, 12, 32, 11, 13, 6, and 25. And he had chosen bonus numbers 16 and 9. And those were the numbers on his computer screen.

He won. And not a few dollars. He won it all.

The young man won the Division One prize in the Set for Life drawing, which translated into payments of $20,000 per month for 20 years. And that adds up to about $4.8 million.

After waking his wife to share the good news, she screamed, and the two checked the online numbers over and over and over. They stayed up all night talking about their plans.

A Life-Changing Phone Call

What happened became all the more real and clear when an official from The Lott called the man the next morning. The lottery representative confirmed that the man had the one and only entry for that Set for Life drawing. His 2-game QuickPick entry, one that he purchased online at The Lott’s website won and made him the 62nd Set for Life Division One winner nationally, the eighth one in 2020.

“It’s unbelievable!” the man said. “It’s a wonderful feeling.”

He went on to say that he had been very stressed about his recent job loss, considering he and his wife have a baby, but this changed everything. “This will set us up for the rest of our lives,” he said.

The anonymous winner didn’t know yet what he and his family would do with the money. This type of financial windfall usually requires an accountant and/or financial manager to determine the best course of action after a lottery win.

Nevertheless, his wife made a long “wish list” of things they want to do. “My wife has already made many, many plans,” he said. “She wants to do everything – a new car, holidays, a new house, and not just any house but our dream house. And a shopping spree, of course!”

Set for Life Setting Up More Players

Just one month ago, The Lott implemented a new fixed monthly prize for Set for Life Division Two winners. Those players will receive $5,000 per month for one year. And it gives more players a chance to win and see their lives changed for the better.

The odds were against the man who won the Set for Life prize last week. The odds of matching all numbers on a single ticket are 38,608,020 to one. Even the odds of hitting seven winning numbers and one bonus are 2,413,001 to one.

It is easier for players to win lower prizes, as four numbers plus one or two of the bonus numbers is only 89 to one.

To date, Set for Life has committed to paying out $297.6 million to the 62 winners of the game since it began in August 2015.



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