Relax Cruises Into 2021 With Multipliers And Megaclusters

Relax Gaming kept its developers busy in 2020. And without much else to do amidst a pandemic, they lasered in on developing new and groundbreaking online casino games.

Chief Commercial Officer Daniel Eskola recently noted that 2021 will continue to release new video slot games but with a focus on mobile-friendly games. He noted that Relax Gaming launched a major UX improvement in 2020 and added more portrait-mode support, but he sees much room for improvement across the entire industry.

Further, Eskola noted, “Suppliers are also focusing on higher volatility games with an increased trend in mechanic recognition and branding.” He attributed online game streamers with making higher volatility titles more accessible to casual players.

Relax Chief Product Officer Simon Hammon added that perfecting gameplay is important. “There is a misconception, in online terms at least, that bigger productions with heavy intro movies and super high-end graphics always enhance player enjoyment,” he said.

Relax aims to focus on engaging mechanics and gameplay that makes players want to play again and again. If they combine that with the right win potential, according to Hammon, it will improve customer retention.

Newest Game: Multiplier Odyssey

While the pandemic still dominates Earth, why not take a ride into outer space? Multiplier Odyssey takes players to an intergalactic setting, but it’s not for the views of space. There is a battle to win, and futuristic fighters can handle it. All the player has to do is spin to move the spaceship.

The basics of the game are impressive

  • 5 reels, 3 rows
  • 15 paylines
  • 95% RTP
  • 50,000x max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $20 max bet
  • High volatility

The best-paying symbols are the four main characters in the game. There are men in red and blue backgrounds, a woman on purple, and an alien on green. Of course, the wilds – signified by a large orange W – is the top symbol of them all and substitutes for all other symbols.

Autoplay is an option, with anywhere from 10 to infinite spins. Players can set loss and win limits, as well as a single-win limit, to keep the play under control.

Multiplier Odyssey Features

There are two primary features in Multiplier Odyssey, one being a familiar one in most online casino games. Free spins are common, but instead of winning spins, players win lives. The bonus symbols trigger lives as follows:

  • 3 bonus symbols = 7 lives
  • 4 bonus symbols = 8 lives
  • 5 bonus symbols = 9 lives

During the free spins, the life meter decreases for every losing spin, so the extra lives provide extra spins. Players will see 11 multiplier symbols above the reels during bonus round play, with 10 of them active at the start. For every winning spin, a multiplier is applied but disappears from the row of symbols. After using all 10 multipliers, the Super Multiplier unlocks, which offers unlimited lives. Free spins stop when the player runs out of lives or wins something on the Super Multiplier.

There are also four different, unique feature symbols during the free spins round.

  • Circular symbol = removes lowest multiplier
  • Spaceship symbol = increases one random multiplier by one
  • Three spaceships = increases all multipliers by one each
  • +1 shield = increases life meter by one

The Coin Collector feature involve triangular symbols that display on the first through fourth reels during regular gameplay. Each coin displays a value, which is a multiple of the player’s bet. The only way to collect those symbols, though, is for the Collector symbol to appear on the fifth reel. That allows the player to collect any coins on the board at that time. The Collector can also show a x3, which triples the amount of that collection win.

Finally, players can use the “Buy Feature” feature on the side of the grid during regular gameplay. It costs 70x the bet, but it immediately triggers the free spins feature. (Players can click on the feature button to see the exact cost, at which time they can approve or reject the feature.)

Players wanting to test out Multiplier Odyssey for themselves can do so on the game’s page of the Relax Gaming website.

New Game: Kluster Krystals Megaclusters

The first Relax Gaming release of 2021 was Kluster Krystals, and it was the first game Relax did with the Megaclusters mechanism. The setting of the game is in the woods, with rock towers surrounding the grid. But the scenery isn’t as important as all of the cluster action on the grid itself.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first:

  • 5 reels, 5 rows
  • Not specified
  • 49% RTP
  • Unlisted max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $100 max bet
  • High volatility

Symbols in this game depend on the shape and colors of the clusters. There are pink, blue, purple, pink, and orange shapes, with the orange being the most lucrative by far. Symbols can also upgrade to grow into clusters, starting in a single form, then adding to it to create a double, then a triple, and finally quads. A symbol’s proximity to another winning cluster affects its ability to transform and upgrade.

Relax Gaming Kluster Krystals Megaclusters

Kluster Krystals Features

There is a lot going on here, so be prepared.

Winning spins create avalanches, and whatever happens can be hard to follow. The good thing is that there is a Tumble Win box on the left of the screen, which tallies all of the symbols and wins to pay out when the avalanche finishes.

There are multipliers that start with base amounts of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 10x. Each multiplier can upgrade three times. Colors affect the upgrades:

  • Blue = 10x
  • Green = 20x
  • Yellow = 30x
  • Red = 40x

This game includes three features that occur at random, or they will trigger automatically after a sequence of six avalanches. Krystal Vanish chooses one colour to remove from the game area. Krystal Boost upgrades all normal symbols by one stage. And Krystal Kut removes all visible single, normal symbols.

Players can also earn free spins by collecting a quad Bonus symbol. When the symbol is full, it begins a bonus round of seven spins. This is available in the bonus round, too, and can award an additional four spins if triggered.

Give this a try first in demo mode with free-play spins on the Relax website.

More Relax Releases on the Way

The next game from Relax is via a partnership with Silverback Gaming. The Golden Sail is a pirate adventure with a lot of twists and turns. It contains the Big Wheel Bonus for instant wins like free spins or massive multipliers. There are chests to pick for even bigger multipliers, and a multiplier trail to follow. Get your calculators for this one because the wins add up…or multiply, if you will.

Where to Play Relax Games

When players are ready to get into the newest Relax slot games for real money, they can find the latest games at the top Aussie casinos online. For example, King Johnnie, Wild Card City, Playamo Casino, and Casino Chan all offer Relax slots.


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