Fantasma Games Follows Elemento Slot With Golden Castle

A fantasma is a ghost, a spirit, something beyond what we typically know. Fantasma Games creates online slot games that are beyond those to which players may be accustomed. As its slogan states, the company creates “slots beyond gambling.”

The Swedish company emerged in 2016 with the goal of infusing gaming themes into slot games. The hope was to bring something different and unique to the world of online casinos. Fantasma Games has done that in a relatively short period of time. With 13 games in its growing library, more than 150 online casino operators have already contracted to offer their games in 50 countries.

Fantasma’s first release was Super Sumo, which did well in many markets. The developers followed that up with games like Medallion Megaways, a very unique grid and outer-space concept, and Riviera Star, Heroes Hunt, and Serpent Shrine.

Its first release this year was a huge hit, and the follow-up is Golden Castle Titanways with the trademarked feature and oversized symbols. All the while, casino customers are still playing Elemento in big numbers.

Elemento: March 2021

The elements of the earth are powerful; the earth, wind/air, water, and fire work together for energy, to make the world what it is. Elemento puts those forces together as Fantasma developers worked with Relax Gaming and Silver Bullet to produce this very unique slot game.

  • 9 reels, 9 rows
  • Cluster payouts
  • 33% RTP (97.94% with “Buy Free Spins”)
  • 25% hit frequency
  • 53x free spins value
  • 16,000x max win
  • $0.20 min bet – $60 max bet
  • High volatility

The highest paying symbol is the orange/red face, followed by the purple face, then the green, and finally the blue face. The gems are the lower pays, with red and purple double that of the blue and green symbols.

Cluster wins are different than traditional paylines, as symbols must cluster in various forms to win. It happens when five or more matching symbols connect horizontally or vertically. And there can be multiple clusters on the same spin.

Fantasma Games Elemento

As for the setup, the 7×7 grid fills with symbols, and the outer rows and columns make it a 9×9 game. However, only Element Wilds appear in the outer area.

Elemento Features

This game requires a bit of explanation, but when playing, it all makes sense.

There are four Element Wild symbols, all of them serving as a Wild. Up to four of the Elements may appear on the outer rows and columns on each spin. And up to five of each Element may appear. They then move one step clockwise during every Avalanche.

Activating the Element Wilds as part of cluster wins do several things increases the Element Meter by one. Once activated, though, they cannot be a part of new cluster wins. When the Avalanche completes, each activated Element Wild turns on its feature and then disappears. Those features are:

  • Fire Wild (orange/red flame): Adds 2-10 Wild symbols in random positions on the main 7×7 grid.
  • X Flood (blue wave): Selects 9 positions that create an X shape in the main grid, all of which become the same symbol, may activate twice
  • Demolition (green mountains): Selects one random low-paying feature and removes them all from the main grid, may activate four times.
  • Tornado (purple swirl): Selects one regular-paying symbol and turns all eight adjacent symbols into the same symbol or removes them, may activate twice.

The Avalanche is the feature that can happen on every spin. All symbols disappear from the previous spin, and new symbols fall into place. It is then that clusters pay and disappear. When no new cluster results from an Avalanche, that feature is over.

Even more, there are Free Spins. When a single spin activates each of the four Element Wilds, the Free Spins begin. The total number of Wilds plus five equals the starting number of Free Spins. Action starts with a 1x multiplier but increases by one after each Avalanche. (The maximum multiplier is 99x.)

Players can activate more Free Spins during the bonus round if all four Element Wilds activate again.

If all of that isn’t enough, players can buy Free Spins. They will cost 60x the current bet size, and the purchase automatically triggers Free Spins.

Golden Castle Titanways: April 2021

A gilded castle allows the imagination to run wild. Fantasma Games, again on the Relax Gaming platform and alongside Silver Bullet, created Golden Castle amidst the haunted ruins of said castle. This is also the first Fantasma game with the proprietary Titanways function. Game producer Tianzhi Zhao called it “another example of how we tirelessly explore new areas to create unique content.”

  • 6 reels, 6 rows
  • Cluster payouts
  • 34% RTP (97.12% with “Buy Free Spins”)
  • 81% hit frequency
  • 84x free spins value
  • 20,000x max win
  • $0.20 min bet – $50 max bet
  • High volatility

The details of the symbols are important. The ones with the golden frames are the high-paying ones, with the top one as the diamond, followed by the red, blue, and then green gems. The medium-paying symbols have no frames; they are the dark pink, purple, and then green ones. And the lowest symbols are the dark purple, followed by the turquoise and the gray.

Titanways enables the symbols on the grid to appear in any of five different sizes: 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, 2×2, and 3×3. The first of those three pay as one symbol, but the last two pay as a symbol on each reel that they cover. To achieve a pure Titanways pay, three or more identical symbols must land on consecutive reels, from left to right.

Fantasma Games Titanways

Golden Castle Features

Titanways is the most prominent – and trademarked – feature in Golden Castle, but there are several other features. The most noticeable is the Avalanche. As in Elemento, symbols from a previous spin fall away in an Avalanche to make room for new ones with the new spin. Titanways pays finish and then disappear, and new symbols take their places. Only when no new wins appear does the Avalanche end.

The Wild Haunt feature presents a blue and a gold ghost king. Each one that lands on a reel triggers the feature, which randomly selects one oversized symbol to crack up and make into multiple 1×1 symbols of the same kind. Those 1×1 symbols can also become Wilds. The ghost kings also become Wilds after the feature ends.

There is a phantom symbol, a gargoyle-looking evil face with red eyes. Three of those launch Phantom Free Spins. That starts with a 1x multiplier, which increases by one with each Avalanche. More phantoms can trigger more Free Spins – ten additional ones – within the bonus game.

Of course, players can also buy Phantom Free Spins during the base game. Those cost 70x the player’s current bet, but they trigger Free Spins immediately.

Where to Play Fantasma Games

Aussie casino operators are picking up Fantasma Games for their originality and player popularity. They are currently available at these reliable online casinos:


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