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Roulette is also known as the queen of online casino games and is a casino game that can be played by anyone at both land-based casinos and online casinos. It comes with simple rules that are easy to understand, which means that it’s also a game for both, seasoned and novice players – it doesn’t take too long to master the game’s concepts.

Like any other casino game, the game comes with different roulette betting systems used by online casino players.

In all honesty, most of these systems are way too complicated for a novice player to understand, some will require the player to have a large bankroll, and some are just plain useless. However, there are some roulette besting systems that are worth knowing and learning about.

Oscar’s Roulette Strategy

Oscar’s Roulette Strategy is a positive progression system, with an even chance betting system that can be used for colour, odd and even bets.

The system is used all over the world by gambling enthusiasts and our team at CasinoAus wants to break it down for you for a chance to increase your chances of winning. Please note that the system might result in players having more losses than wins in a session, but will still make them come out on top.

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How to Use This Strategy

Oscar’s Roulette Strategy aims to help players win just one wager, however high or low the stakes are.

  • The strategy should be used in sessions. Therefore, the session should be started off by betting the minimum. The session ends once a gambler is one unit higher than they were.
  • The system is extremely easy to implement. A player is advised to increase their bets by one if their game resulted in a win. This should be done until players get four increases. If a player loses, they should not increase their bet.
  • The aim is to win one unit at a time, and players should go back to the beginning of the progression once they’ve made a one-unit profit. What we mean by a one-unit profit is that if a player bets $1 at a time, they should increase their bet by $1 after a win. Oscar’s Grind Roulette System has four levels that players move through while playing.

Tips to Using Oscar’s Roulette Strategy

  • Keep your bet the same size if your previous bet resulted in a loss.
  • Increase your bet by one unit if you won your previous bet.
  • It would be wise to stop if you have an overall profit of one unit.

Lucky Seven Roulette Strategy

Do you want to win hundreds of $ by risking only a small amount of your online casino wagers on the roulette wheel? Then use the Lucky Seven Roulette Strategy.

Although regarded as aggressive, the Lucky 7 Roulette strategy is a practical and very effective method for playing online roulette. All you need to get started is enough wagering money to place just 24 bets.

How to Use This Strategy

The theory for playing online roulette using the lucky seven strategy is quite simple. The Lucky 7 Online Roulette strategy does not require a lot of betting money.

  • The idea is to add 0.5 of your previous bet to your next bet, only if you won. Say you wagered AU$20 on online roulette and you won. Your next bet should be $30, calculated as 20+20*0.5. When you happen to lose your bet you need to go back to the initial bet.
  • The main objective for this method for playing online roulette is to have you win 7 times in a row. Once you’ve won seven consecutive times, you need to stop and start your betting cycle from the beginning.

More so, Aussie online casino players need to note that the lucky seven roulette strategy does not entirely guarantee you to win the game of roulette seven times in a row. Sometimes you don’t even win two times in a row.

Tips to Using Lucky Seven Roulette Strategy

  • Do not feel obliged to finish the full course of the seven spins. Feel free to stop at any time when there is too much pressure.
  • If you are on a winning streak you can opt to continue with the lucky 7 roulette method even after the 7th.
  • Trust your gut and not double your bet if you feel hesitant.
  • You can choose to go back two steps from where you last left off instead of going back to the very beginning.
  • You can win a great prize in a very short period of time if you choose to double your bet.

Parlay Anti-martingale Roulette Strategy

The anti-Martingale strategy includes sharing bets every time the player loses a trade. It also doubles the bets when you win.

The betting system is quite easy to understand and it can be used on different wagers. Parlay Anti-Martingale Roulette Betting strategy has been used for decades with different bets. Some of the bets include table games, sports betting and some of the betting that is compatible to Parlay Anti-Martingale Roulette Betting. With roulette, it works with outside and inside bets.

How to Use This Strategy

Looking at an example of the parlay system is the best way to understand how to use this strategy.

  • Assume your aim is to make $10 in a session.
  • You place an outside bet on red with $1 and win.
  • Then you bet $2 on red once again and win.
  • Now your winnings amount to $4 and you choose to bet the lot on red once more.
  • Then luckily you win, getting $8.
  • You make a bet on red and win, making you win $16. Then you would have exceeded your target which is $10.

Tips to Using Parlay Anti-martingale Roulette Strategy

  • Before you begin your game, you have to know the length of the winning streak that you want to take. Moreover, make sure that you have set a good budget for the game. Decide on the number of wins you would want to double up on before you take part in an anti-Martingale betting system.
  • Should you lose your wager at the beginning before reaching your target, you should stop and not double. It is better to start afresh.
  • When you win on your first bet, double the next bet. When you win, double the third bet of the second. When you win, don’t double your bet again. Better start afresh.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

This is one of the simplest betting systems there is in the realm of online roulette. More so, some know it as the first Roulette strategy.

How to Use This Strategy

Roulette Betting Systems - Martingale

The Martingale betting system is worth knowing and learning as it’s not too complicated to understand. With this roulette betting system, all a player has to do is to choose a colour that tickles their fancy on the roulette table. After that, they have to start betting on it and doubling up their bets each time they lose, until they finally win.

  • For instance, a player can register at their desired online casino, make a deposit, perhaps with the sign-up bonus money and then open a roulette table.
  • The minimum bet that can be placed on either black or red is $5. And in this case, the player chooses red. This means that they will make $5 wager on the red colour, then the ball lands on 26 (Black) they will lose their $5.
  • If the player is using the Martingale roulette betting system, in the next spin they will have to place $10 bet. This will go on and on until the ball finally lands on red (32).

Biarritz Roulette Strategy

The Biarritz roulette betting strategy aims to make a wager on one number at a time and wait for the ball to land on it. If your chosen number does not get landed on after a series of 36 spins, you are advised to choose another number or double your bet on your selected number.

How to Use This Strategy

Let’s look at an example to further illustrate how the strategy works. So, the minimum bet on one roulette number is $1, and the player placed a bet on the number 25. This means that four alternatives are likely to occur. These alternatives are:

  • If the roulette ball landed on the number 25 on the first spin, the players profit will be $35. This will entail that they can select a new number to bet on, or continue betting on the number 25.
  • If the ball lands on the players chosen number in the middle of a sequence, their profit will be $36. This will mean that the player can change to another number.
  • If the sequence comes to an end, and then the player gets the number 25, their profit will be $0.
  • If the player does not get the number at all in the sequence, they should double their bet on the number or bet on another number.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Fibonacci Roulette strategy has grown to be famous in the realm of online roulette. This betting system was introduced around the XII century.

More so, the strategy got its name from the Italian math Leonardo theory known as the ‘Fibonacci’ Picasso. This was used as the foundation of this roulette strategy.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy.

How to Use This Strategy

The Fibonacci roulette strategy makes use of endless sequences of figures to increase the betting limit. The increase of the wagers is done smoothly. As a result, this strategy is perfect for Australian online players that have limited bankrolls. More so, the Fibonacci roulette strategy is mostly advised to AU players that want to have as much fun as they can while playing Roulette. So if making money is your objective, this online roulette strategy might just be tricky for you.

As previously mentioned, with this strategy, one must make use of a sequence of figures. The next figure will be the total of the previous two figures. Here’s an example so that we help you to understand the algorithm:

  • For instance, if a player starts the minimum bet that can be placed: 1 coin.
  • In such a scenario, the player’s sequence will be as follows: 1, 2, 3, 5, and so on.
  • A player starts with one coin and then in the next round, places a bet with another coin as well.
  • Then in the following round, they add the first coin plus the second one, making it two and that’s the bet they will place in that round.
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Advice on The Roulette Strategy

At CasinoAus, we care for our players. Therefore, we provide a roulette strategy guide to help you increase your chances of making a profit. However, we urge you to understand that the strategy may not always ensure that you win, but will help you increase your bankroll. Players new to roulette are advised to implement this strategy.

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